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Accessibility is key! Dr. Salas is available virtually, through a secure mobile app, and for in-person visits in clinic. Appointments are relaxed and not rushed. He provides comprehensive and holistic care. Dr. Salas not only provides care through a medical model, but looks at biophysical, psychosocial and socioeconomic demands of life when he cares for his patients. Highly recommend Dr. Salas!

— Kristen

I have seen Dr. Salas for a few years and he has not changed one bit, he definitely makes you feel comfortable and address all your concerns, his practice is very flexible you are able to do video visits or chat with him over an app. This doctor is very patient I struggle with anxiety and He is Extremely patient with me as though I can be a little much at times LOL

— Raven

Dr. Salas is exactly what a doctor should be, he cares. Plain and simple, I’m not talking about that fake medical professional facade that seems to prevail, you can’t fake this kind of care, it’s the feeling that someone cares for you, and I feel it’s the impetus of healing, when someone cares for you in a way you might not have cared for yourself it encourages one to start doing better, inspiring another human to care for their self like they should, I don’t know that you can teach that in a medical school. You can find other doctors but you can’t find better. Do yourself and your life a favor. Thanks Doc!

— Dirk

Dr. Salas is a very responsive, attentive Primary Care Doctor. He has always been patient to take his time in answering all of my questions. Anytime that I needed assistance with RX's, or OTC documentation for my FSA account, he always took the time. Thank you, Dr. Salas!! Direct Care does work if it works for you!!

— Manuel

What a great doctor. Always has meet our needs very knowledgable great bed aide manor He is also young and can be our doctor for the rest of our lives. Highly recommend.

— BJ

Highly recommend; Dr. Monica Salas was patient, thorough and listened to my concerns. Considering insurance premium rates; the monthly membership is worth the cost for professional and quality care. I am happy that I was referred here and look forward to continuing my healthcare needs through Salveo Direct Care.

— Linda

Dr. Monica Salas is a thorough physician and very knowledgeable. She spent the time to answer my questions, and communication is excellent as always. I would highly recommend Salveo Direct Care!

— EG

I have found that with Salveo Direct Care, I'm treated as an individual not an number. Dr. Salas is treating the cause of my issues and not automatically writing a prescription. I trust Salveo with my life and that is not me being overdramatic, it's the truth.

— Clifford

Met with Dr. P. Salas a week ago and he was very thorough with his examination. He addressed all my questions and I did not feel he was rushed to get to his next appointment. I certainly plan on seeing him in the future.

— David

I appreciate how Salveo team cares and respond in a timely manner. Also, I had the opportunity to have my first annual physical evaluation and Dr. Salas was very open to listen my concerns without rushing even though my situation is more complex than a normal patient. I look forward to continue to work with Dr. Salas and the team in very positive way to improve my health and live the best life I can. Thank you!

— Karim

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