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Preventive Care
in San Antonio

At Salveo Direct Care, we offer comprehensive preventive care services for adults and children. Our services include physical exams, vaccine counseling, cancer screenings, and other preventive services. We also offer a variety of health and wellness services, such as nutrition counseling, stress management, personal training, and 3D body scans.

Preventive care is important for everyone, regardless of age or health status. Some preventive measures may be more important for certain populations than others, but everyone can benefit from taking some basic steps to stay healthy.

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If you are looking for a primary care physician who offers preventive care services, Salveo Direct Care is the perfect choice. We provide quality care and personalized service to our patients, and we believe in the importance of preventive care. Contact us today to schedule your introductory meeting with Dr. Prisiliano or Dr. Monica Salas and start taking steps towards a healthier you!

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