Direct Primary Care for Business

Premier health benefit for your company

Offer your company a Private Physician as a group benefit to retain top talent, reduce absenteeism and have a competitive edge.

Company Benefits

Modulate Healthcare Spending

Help your bottom line and reduce your group health insurance premiums by adding a Direct Care physician option for your team. We help keep your employees healthy and reduce your overall risk. Healthier groups can see up to a 35% reduction in healthcare claims.

If you don’t currently offer any health benefits, our direct care membership will help close that gap in your benefits package.

Improved Work Attendance

Virtual visits and direct messaging with the doctor means your team never has to leave the office unnecessarily. We can take care of many common health visits quickly and efficiently, whether virtually or in the clinic. Our members get priority appointments.

Competitive Edge

Health benefits can make the difference for top recruits to more strongly consider your company and stay at their job longer, up to 72% of employees say benefit package determines this. Show your team you care about them beyond just productivity , show your team you value their support and invest in their wellbeing.

Your investment in their health now will continue to pay out returns into their future, even beyond their employment.

Employee Benefits

  • A personal physician assigned to your team
  • One-on-one communication with the doctor
  • Same or next day appointments
  • Acute illnesses and chronic disease management
  • Discounted lab work and imaging studies
  • Care coordination and wellness plan

Why does Salveo Direct Care make sense for your company?

Our physicians are Board Certified in Family Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine so we can treat most ages, most health conditions and we focus on helping our patients achieve optimal wellness. The foundation for our program is built on the lifestyle pillars of health and is backed by rich evidence-based research.

Direct primary care allows us the flexibility to focus on prevention and have more time to spend with our patients. With our memberships, our patients don’t have to worry about rushed visits, insurance copays, premiums and restrictions or delaying their care.

As an added bonus, this benefit can extend to your employees’ immediate family members so the whole family can stay healthy.


Case 1
A 52 year old woman sent us a message from work with symptoms of a urinary tract infection at 9am. By 10am we responded to her message, asked a few additional questions and within 15 minutes had a prescription sent to the pharmacy nearest to her job so she could pick up the medication and start treatment during lunch time. Time off from work? NONE

Case 2
A 34 year old male with knee swelling and pain requested an in-clinic appointment. At his visit it was determined he had an effusion (collection of fluid around his knee). As part of his membership, we were able to do a joint arthrocentesis procedure (drained fluid from the knee) at NO COST to them.
This procedure can cost $400-700 if he was referred to a specialist and would have delayed his care. He immediately felt relief, and a prevention plan was discussed to avoid this from recurring.

Case 3
A 27 year old male with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes starts their membership with us through their employer benefit option. After an initial office visit, 3 virtual visits, monthly messaging and health coaching including nutritional advice, exercise prescription, and additional lifestyle optimization, their blood glucose normalized within 6 months and lost weight. All of this communication was between the patient and their doctor- no specialists, no referrals, NO EXTRA COST.

Contact Us

Contact us to request a custom quote for your group. We have two plans available to meet your budget.

Our Business plans also include an on-site welcome presentation, yearly health fair, quarterly health & wellness talks plus access to our educational resources like handouts, curated health videos, recommended reading materials, health and wellness blog and other resources available to all our members.