Salveo Direct Care | Primary Care in San Antonio, TX

Direct Primary Care in San Antonio, TX

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is direct to consumer medical care, where patients pay a monthly membership fee to a medical practice for their primary care needs. There are no insurance bills, insurance co-pays, or deductibles. All routine and acute care visits are covered in the membership.

The benefits of Direct Primary Care are: 

       Fewer constraints from commercial insurers

       More personalized and accessible care

       Often less out of pocket cost for the patient 

This makes healthcare more efficient for both the patient and the doctor.

Salveo Direct Care Services

In addition to Direct Primary Care, we provide additional services to ensure that all the needs of our patients and their families are met.  Whether you are looking for a personal physician for life, a family physician for your spouse and children, guidance on lifestyle medicine and optimization of health, a trusted primary care team for your business, an annual Elite health experience or medical care coordination, our team is here to serve you.

How are we Different?

Did you know that most Primary Care Providers have between 2,500-3,500 patients? Our physicians have a more focused patient panel which means your doctor spends more time with you when you need them. Plus, when your doctor is not actively seeing a patient, they are able to help coordinate your care, research your treatments and create a tailored care plan with detailed lifestyle changes.

Salveo Direct Care does not accept or bill any insurance plans for your visits, which means you do not need insurance to see your physician. Decisions about your healthcare will be made by you and your doctor for your primary care. Instead, patients pay a monthly membership fee which can save money and covers your care with us. If you have insurance, you can still see us but use your insurance for care needs outside of our office. Give it a try, and you’ll quickly see for yourself the value of this approach!

Direct Primary Care, or DPC, is a model of healthcare that puts patients first by getting rid of the red tape that constrains traditional practices. How? It’s simple: we don’t accept insurance, and – believe it or not – this actually saves you money in the long run.

You won’t have to pay a co-pay for office visits or routine physicals. Also you’ll be able to avoid many visits altogether by sending your questions directly to us via secure text messaging – something you won’t get from a traditional practice. We’ve negotiated amazing deals for blood tests, X-rays, and MRI/CT scans on your behalf and help find you coupons for discounted medications. If we had contracts with insurance companies, we would be legally obligated to charge higher prices because of the rates THEY set.

More importantly, since you are getting all this amazing care from us, you can cut way back on your insurance premiums. Most DPC patients find a high-deductible, low-premium insurance or health-share plan so they’re covered in the case of a major health issue. You can leave your day-to-day healthcare to us, like having a doctor in your family.

Of course! Everyone benefits from a service tailored directly to and accessible to them. That’s why we offer truly custom healthcare. We’re here for you if you’re sick or hurt, but we also help you proactively maintain good overall health. Every visit with us will be thorough, relaxed, and as long as you need to address your health concerns. The longer you’re our patient, the more we learn about your health and lifestyle, and the better we can help you maintain that health.

The terms are often mistakenly used interchangeably, but they are not the same. Both DPC and concierge practices charge a periodic fee, however, under the concierge model, this fee only gets you access; that is, it doesn’t actually cover any of your care. Instead a concierge practice still bills insurance for your visits. Under DPC, your visits and other care are included in your fee, plus you’re provided with other incredible benefits like wholesale pricing for labs and radiology studies, deeply discounted prescription prices, telehealth services, direct digital communication with your doctor, and all the rest.

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